Total Knee replacement Surgery in Goa India

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Total Knee replacement Surgery in Goa India

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Orthopedic Surgery

Total Knee replacement Surgery

total-knee-replacement-surgery-before-afterIn a total knee replacement surgery the damaged or disease affected joints of your knee are replaced with one made of artificial materials. The hinge joint between the lower leg and the thigh that gives them motion is known as the knee (joins the bones tibia and femur). During the knee replacement procedure the both the ends of the femur and the tibia are detached to be replaced with a metal shell and a metal stem with channeled plastic section respectively. In some situations an additional plastic button is also added below the surface of the kneecap. The total artificial arrangement is known as prostheses.

Another important part of the knee joint system is the ligament called the posterior cruciate that acts to stabilize the sides of the knee joint, thereby preventing the lower leg to slide backward with respect to the femur. This ligament is either replaced with a polyethylene one or may be retained during total knee replacement surgery. Different versions of total knee replacement surgery have its own pros and cons.

The candidates for total knee replacement

If you are suffering from a damaged knee joints either due to trauma, progressive arthritis or any type of joint diseases causing joint destruction then you are a candidate for total knee replacement surgery. A severe form of osteoarthritis is the most common cause of this type of surgery. Whatever the reason, when you feel increasing pain and stiffness in your knee joint that severely limits your daily function day by day then you may be advised for a knee replacement.


Different types of knee replacement surgery

Generally four types of knee replacement surgeries are there and depending upon your knee joint condition, doctor will decide which type is suitable for you. The four types are:

  • Total knee replacement surgery
  • Partial or Unicompartmental knee replacement surgery
  • Replacement of Kneecap (patellofemoral arthroplasty)
  • Revision or complex knee replacement


Total knee replacement surgery

In total knee replacement surgery the end of your femur and tibia gets replaced by artificial materials. In addition, sometimes the patella (kneecap surface) is also replaced (though usually surgeons prefer to leave it as it is because of the fact that the natural patella is less likely to get fractured). The pain is relieved as the worn out bones now move against a much smoother surface of the metal. But, in severe cases the kneecap surface (patella) has to be replaced as well.


Partial or Unicompartmental knee replacement surgery

Partial knee replacement is carried out when only one side (generally the inner one) gets affected by arthritis. This operation is relatively less complicated than the total knee replacement surgery and patients recover quickly with better functionality. Bruising or scarring is also less, but the pain relief and movement are almost same or better compared to total knee replacement surgery.


Replacement of Kneecap (patellofemoral arthroplasty)

This type of surgery involves the replacement of only the under surface and the groove of the kneecap known as the trochlea when these are the only parts that are affected by arthritis. Kneecap replacement is also known as the patellofemoral joint arthroplasty or the patellofemoral replacement.


Revision or complex knee replacement

In case of severe bone loss because of fractures or arthritis, major knee joint deformities or main knee ligament weakness revision or complex knee replacement surgery is recommended by the doctor. This type of operation involves incorporation of a longer stem that permits more secure attachment of the artificial components to the bone cavity. To prevent the sliding apart of the joint and dislocation, the components can also be further interlocked to create a hinge at the center of the knee. Moreover, badly damaged bones or removed bones can be made up with additional materials in the form of metals or plastics. This type of operation is also carried out during second or third replacement surgery at the same knee (also known as revision surgery).


Total knee replacement surgery methods

Total knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty is carried out in patients suffering from severe knee joint destruction that is creating significant stiffness and pain, thereby impairing the normal day to day function of the knee.

This is a major operation, but enjoys a high degree of success where all three knee compartments namely the inside or medial part of the knee, outside or lateral part of the knee and the front or patellofemoral part of the knee gets replaced. They are replaced after removal by artificial surfaces or implants made of plastics or metals and the normal function of the knee is regained.


Benefits of total knee replacement surgery

A total knee replacement surgery has many benefits if successful and the success rate is really high. It can highly enhance your quality of daily life by mending the problems of the knee such as the disability, instability and restricted mobility.

After the surgery the pain almost goes completely or reduced considerably, thus allowing the patient to restore the total range of knee movements. This means you will again be able to perform the wide range of day to day activities such as climbing the stairs, having a stroll outside, perform shopping, sitting and getting up from a chair and so on. So you will get back to your normal life and routine after the total knee replacement surgery.

The surgery also improves the strength of your muscles and the deformed joint alignments. The modern technologies enable the artificial components used in the surgery to last for 15 years or even more in over 95% of cases.


India as a destination for total knee replacement surgery

The corporate hospitals in India are at par with any advanced hospitals of the UK or USA with comparable medical facilities. Moreover, India possesses the best medical experts in state of the art Hospitals throughout the country that offers knee replacement surgery at extremely low cost when compared to its western counterparts. You can use a part of the saved money to have some exciting vacation stay in India at exotic places. India with its rich culture and biodiversity is regarded as one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world.


Hospital for Total knee Replacement Surgery in Goa, India

The beauty of Goa as a place for treatments of a range of diseases is that it offers a rejuvenating holiday stay as well along with the advanced medical facilities. The highly skilled and professional surgeons in Goa can perform your total knee replacement surgery with pin point perfection. On the other hand Goa is very well known for an excellent holiday destination all around the world, thus considered as one of the best destinations for medical tourism. The super specialty medical facilities in Goa are now attracting many patients from western world in Goa to seek medical services at extremely low cost. The exotic beaches and other tourist attraction in Goa is indeed an added attraction that also facilitates speedy recovery post total hip replacement surgery or other forms of treatments.


The best Hospitals for a total knee replacement surgery in Goa are:

  • Manipal Hospitals
  • Wokhardt Hospitals
  • Apollo Victor Hospitals
  • Sehat Hospitals
  • Campal Clinic
  • Galaxy Hospitals


The Cost of Total knee replacement Surgery

In the UK and USA a total knee replacement surgery will cost you around $40,000 in private hospitals whereas the same standard of treatment in India can be provided at $6000 – $7000 in different specialized private hospitals in Goa, India. Additionally, the surgery in India will come along with holiday packages in the form of medical tourism.


Recovery after a successful Knee Replacement Surgery

The total knee replacement surgery usually takes a maximum of three hours to complete. Usual procedures required during surgery are there and post operative measures are taken accordingly. An important recovery procedure is to undergo physical therapy after 48 hours of the operation. There are some initial discomfort, pain and stiffness in the knee joint that require action of knee immobilizers.

For speedy recovery CPM or continuous passive motion device can be used. The purpose of the device is to move your operated leg for hours at various angles after being fitted with it. The patient can in the meantime, relax and the process increases and improves the circulation while minimizing the chance of contracting or scarring of the surrounding tissues.

Initially the patient has to use crutches or walkers, but ultimately there will be no problem in normal walking and walking up and down the stairs.


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