Total Joint replacement Surgery


Total Joint replacement Surgery

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Total Joint replacement Surgery Goa India

joint-painWith age our joints tend to get affected by wear and tears. Sometimes unfortunate injuries or diseases like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can also damage your joints at a relatively young age. In these circumstances, a total joint replacement surgery can do wonders to you. Previously these replacement surgeries were challenging tasks, but now the advanced technologies have enabled these operations to be carried out effortlessly with highly reduced recovery time.

In all the joints in our body (elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, hip) there are cartilages where the bones meet at the joints that allows their smooth operation. The smooth texture of the cartilages made the joint movements painless. But, when these cartilages get worn out, the bones at the joints start rubbing with each other during joint movements, causing severe pain. At times even doing simple tasks like walking, moving up and down on the stairs or bending become impossible to do.

In these circumstances, a total joint replacement surgery can be very helpful where the damages cartilage and joints are replaced with plastic and metal ones. After the surgery the patients usually regain their normal joint functions.


The candidates for total Joint replacement

You must consult a specialist in orthopedic when the pain in joints starts affecting your lifestyle. If conventional medications and treatments fail to improve the situation considerably and your daily activities get hampered severely, then your doctor may recommend for a total joint replacement. The following conventional treatments are initially used before taking the final decision on joint replacement:

  • Inflammation controlling medications
  • Aids for walking
  • Exercise and various physical therapies

You may be advised for joint replacement surgery if you have the following conditions:

  • The conventional treatments unable to relieve pain and symptoms
  • Daily activities are severely affected
  • You are avoiding the use of the joint affected

In case of younger people suffered from injuries or having rheumatoid and osteoarthritis may also be the candidate for total joint replacement. Younger patients may also be advised for joint resurfacing instead of replacement as they tend to have more bones in good condition.

Do not panic about joint replacement surgeries as it is a safe operation and patients used to recover most of their joint movement. The pain and discomfort are no longer there to hamper daily activities and patients over 55 years old can carry the replaced artificial joints for 20 years without any problem.

Total Joint replacement surgery methods

total-joint-replacement-surgery-methodsBefore the surgery the doctors will check your general health and several tests may be conducted, including cardiogram and blood tests, so that proper planning of your surgery can be done.

Your doctor will talk to you to get yourself prepared and may give you some exercise and diet regime. The actual surgery should be over within an hour or so. The total procedure will involve removal of the damaged bone and cartilage with the artificial ones (plastics, ceramics or metals). They are called prostheses and they mimic the original natural ones in shape and function.


Benefits of total Joint replacement surgery

After the joint replacement surgery, most of the patients able to carry forward their regular activities with more ease and comfort. The replacement usually last for long years (15 – 20 years) and can drastically improve the quality of daily life of the patient. There are improved joint movement and strength with far less pain. This degree of improvement is not possible by any other means.


India as a destination for total Joint replacement surgery

In medical sector a $2.2 billion growth per year is expected in India. World class medical facilities and care with high end equipments is now features of India. Everyday more and more new hospitals with advanced state of the art facilities are built and getting government recognition. The corporate hospitals in India are at par with any advanced hospitals in the UK or USA with comparable medical facilities. Moreover, India possesses the best medical experts in state of the art Hospitals throughout the country that offers joint replacement surgery at extremely low cost when compared to its western counterparts. You can use a part of the saved money to have some exciting vacation stay in India at exotic places. India with its rich culture and biodiversity is regarded as one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world.

Hospital for Joint Replacement Surgery in Goa, India

hospital-for-joint-replacement-surgery-in-goaThe beauty of Goa as a place for treatments of a range of diseases is that it offers a rejuvenating holiday stay as well along with the advanced medical facilities. The highly skilled and professional surgeons in Goa can perform your total joint replacement surgery with pin point perfection. On the other hand Goa is very well known for an excellent holiday destination all around the world, thus considered as one of the best destinations for medical tourism. The super specialty medical facilities in Goa are now attracting many patients from western world in Goa to seek medical services at extremely low cost. The exotic beaches and other tourist attraction in Goa is indeed an added attraction that also facilitates speedy recovery post total hip replacement surgery or other forms of treatments.

The best Hospitals in Goa for a total joint replacement surgery are:

  • Manipal Hospitals
  • Wokhardt Hospitals
  • Apollo Victor Hospitals
  • Sehat Hospitals
  • Campal Clinic
  • Galaxy Hospitals


The Cost of Total joint replacement Surgery

A total joint replacement surgery usually costs around $39,000 and £9,500 in the USA and UK respectively. The same operation with comparable facilities can be carried out in India at only $6,000 or £3,000.

Recovery after a successful joint Replacement Surgery

Straight away after the surgery, you will wake up in the recovery room of the hospital and will be under strict monitoring for at least couple of hours. Within this time your anesthesia should wear off and you should regain your senses. After that you will be taken to the ward and will be kept in hospital for next 4 to 5 days, though the actual stay will depend upon your progress and recovery. Pain killers are usually administered before fading off the anesthesia effect to prevent the feeling of a sudden unbearable pain.


Physical therapy

Due to deprived muscle activities for a couple of days during post surgery procedures, there may be some wastage of muscles that may cause muscle shrinking and apoptosis in muscles. Physical therapy is vital to prevent this to happen. Moreover, it helps to strengthen the joints by small yet highly effective exercises. The physical therapy is started immediately after surgery to prevent formation of scar tissues. The physical therapy will be conducted by a specialist physiotherapist and through the exercises you will regain your strength in the shortest possible time. This procedure will be carried out even after you get discharged from the hospitals (usually four times in a week).

Medical complications

There is minimal chance of any postoperative complication after joint replacement surgery (only 2% chance of an infection). Still, there may be some complications like blood clots in the veins due to prolonged immobility of the affected limbs. This is a serious condition as the clots should be stopped before they reach your brain. If clots take place, then a surgery may be needed to take it out if medication fails to arrest it.


Never be complacent

With passing time your joints will get stronger and your need for walking aids will be diminished. But never be complacent and skip your routine physical therapy classes or ignore symptoms of infections. Be a responsible patient and report your doctor immediately of any suspicion and continue your physical therapy sessions still the physiotherapist give you a clean chit. A joint replacement surgery usually gives you freedom that at one point you never imagined to get back again. It usually last for long enough, but in some cases due to certain conditions, you may be required for a second joint replacement surgery.

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