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Total Hip replacement Surgery in Goa India

Total Hip replacement Surgery in Goa India

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Total Hip replacement Surgery

Hip PainThe main purpose of total hip replacement or arthroplasty is to give patients suffering from arthritis or any other disabling orthopedic hip problem, relief from the discomfort and pain; enhance stability and improve the function. The total hip replacement surgery was first initiated in the 1960s and since then it has received continuous improvement over the past decades.

Total hip replacement surgery is a very common procedure in India that enjoys a very high success rate. Here the damaged ball and socket joint in arthritic hip is replaced by a ceramic or metallic ball and plastic or ceramic socket. The ball has a metal stem as attachment to be fitted with the femur and the socket is implanted in the pelvis.


Total Joint replacement Surgery

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Total Joint replacement Surgery Goa India

joint-painWith age our joints tend to get affected by wear and tears. Sometimes unfortunate injuries or diseases like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can also damage your joints at a relatively young age. In these circumstances, a total joint replacement surgery can do wonders to you. Previously these replacement surgeries were challenging tasks, but now the advanced technologies have enabled these operations to be carried out effortlessly with highly reduced recovery time.

In all the joints in our body (elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle, hip) there are cartilages where the bones meet at the joints that allows their smooth operation. The smooth texture of the cartilages made the joint movements painless. But, when these cartilages get worn out, the bones at the joints start rubbing with each other during joint movements, causing severe pain. At times even doing simple tasks like walking, moving up and down on the stairs or bending become impossible to do.

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Total Knee replacement Surgery in Goa India

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Total Knee replacement Surgery

total-knee-replacement-surgery-before-afterIn a total knee replacement surgery the damaged or disease affected joints of your knee are replaced with one made of artificial materials. The hinge joint between the lower leg and the thigh that gives them motion is known as the knee (joins the bones tibia and femur). During the knee replacement procedure the both the ends of the femur and the tibia are detached to be replaced with a metal shell and a metal stem with channeled plastic section respectively. In some situations an additional plastic button is also added below the surface of the kneecap. The total artificial arrangement is known as prostheses.

Another important part of the knee joint system is the ligament called the posterior cruciate that acts to stabilize the sides of the knee joint, thereby preventing the lower leg to slide backward with respect to the femur. This ligament is either replaced with a polyethylene one or may be retained during total knee replacement surgery. Different versions of total knee replacement surgery have its own pros and cons.