Goa as a hub for Medical tourism in India

Goa is truly becoming the medical tourism hub of India with advanced medical facilities and as a very popular and well established travel destination.

Welcome to Surgery in Goa

The provision of affordable privatised medical care in association of tourism industry is known as medical tourism. It is now flourishing in India, where patients from different countries can travel to India for various healthcare facilities including surgeries at lesser cost in comparison to their home country. There are several benefits attracting the foreign patients to India that include avoiding long waiting list to their own country and enjoying an exciting holiday package at competitive pricing. Thus the group of medical tourists are expanding every year.

Medical Tourism in India: The Growth

Currently, The Indian Medical Tourism Industry is experiencing an annual growth of 30%. This tremendous growth has even prompted the Finance Minister of India Mr. Jaswant Singh to remark that India truly became the global health destination. This is indeed becaming a major earner of foreign exchange revenue. Both the ministry of tourism and boards from state tourisms along with the private sectors (consisting of hotels, tour agents and operators) came together due to the tremendous growth potential of this sector. India is becoming the preferred destination for medical tourists from the UK and US as well with the earning potential of over $1 billion. The competition in Medical Tourism India is facing strong challenges from other Asian countries, especially from Singapore and Thailand with their high end medical facilities, good climatic conditions and reputation as an already established travel destination. Although India is expanding rapidly, still it needs to catch them up quickly to drive the overseas healthcare traffic.

The World Class Medical Facilities in India and the Cost India today can offer medical facilities comparable to US or UK through their corporate hospitals. The competent medical staffs working in different countries gave the patient the required confidence in Indian staffs as the patients are already used to the professionalism and expertise of Indian medical staffs. At the same time the cost of treatment in Indian medical centres is extremely appealing. The treatment cost in India is often only around one tenth of the cost in Europe or US while delivering comparative service covering a wide spectrum of treatments such as preventative screening, cosmetic surgeries and other major surgeries. Patients from countries with poor medical facilities also prefer coming to India to seek healthcare support at low cost rather than going to western countries.

The attractive holiday packages of a lifetime Apart from enjoying a huge savings in medical expenditure the patients and their close associates can also enjoy a holiday of a lifetime in a country with vast holiday options and diversity. The thousands year old, rich heritage and culture of India, the diverse wildlife, mighty Himalaya and attractive beaches are too much to miss.

Goa as a hub for Medical tourism in India Goa is truly becoming the medical tourism hub of India with advanced medical facilities and as a very popular and well established travel destination. Goa is not only known for its exotic beaches and music bashes, but also for its strong medical infrastructure. The tier II city in India is very well connected with excellent roads, good airport and railway station. Goa is now the place to be for both foreign and domestic patients as high end healthcare service can be coupled with extreme fun and relaxation. Healthcare facilities cover 50% of medical tourism while the rest of 50% depending on the climate, the honesty of the local population and ease of getting visa. As Goa is already known as a popular tourist destination from all over the world has all the required facilities for tourists. With the advancement in medical facilities it will soon become the best place to be for medical tourists.